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    Unhappy problems importing files from appleworks
    I've just bought a brand new macbook, with Leopard installed and all, and transferred all of my files from my old ibook. The problem is, when I tried to open older .cwk files I created in the GR format, none of the application from iWork worked! Looks like only files created with a text editor can be opened in Pages and none of the other applications (Keynote, Numbers) recognized and opened those files. What should I do? To convert all of those files into bitmaps or .jpg, .tiff formats is impossible! I have hundreds of them!!!
    Is it possible to install on a new macbook equipped with the latest OSX system an older version of appleworks?
    And which program(s) should I use to create GR files like those I created with appleworks, now that in the iWork suite there is no more a GR format?

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