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Thread: safari problems

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    safari problems
    (im new to the forums, so if this isnt the place to ask this, im sorry)

    im looking for anyone that has Safari version 2 and heres why:

    i have a 6 year old, 800 mhz. 256 mb ram eMac running 10.4.11
    yes, i know, it should not be running 10.4.11 and it needs waaaay more memory. but im used to it running things very sluggishly. when i updated from 10.4.10 to .11 the download included safari 3 and updated my 2 to 3. problem is that my computer cant run safari 3. at all. luckily i have a copy of firefex installed for just this sort of occasion. however firefox takes several minutes to start up on my computer and runs extremely slow for basic tasks such as tab switching and opening a new tab. safari 2 ran great (still slow, but thats just the computer) it didnt hog too much of what little memory i have and it was extremely stable. ive tried to get safari 2 back on my own and i cant find any copies of it on the internet. i was hoping someone with an aging mac that still has safari 2 could help me. or anyone that knows where i could get safari 2.

    any help will be appreciated

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    i am pretty sure you can download safari 3 beta via the apple website and during the install it asks you if you wish to downgrade back to version two.

    Try that and see if it gives you the option.

    Let me know what happens.

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    Nov 24, 2007
    im having a little trouble doing that, dont know how to re run the installer. but im looking into it.

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    *Moved thread to proper forum - Not just anything goes in Anything Goes*

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    Safari 2.01 download, but you might give Opera a try also. Found it to use a little less memory than either Firefox or Safari.
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