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    Apple Mail and Suitcase X1
    Hi all

    I started a resident graphic designer job at a printing factory littl ovr a month ago, with a brand new MacPro (not leapard). My boss gave me a box full of old software you use, one of them a font manager called Extensis Suitcase X1. It is hard to tell when this problem started, because I have slowly been aquiring new and old font as jobs come through (currently over 400MB of fonts).

    After getting sick of seeing font conflict warnings I dropped a bunch of fonts into fontbook to see if I could use font book instead of suitcase.


    Since doing that the following problems have occured
    Mail freezes when I try to print
    Text edit freezes when I copy mail over into it and try to print (will print from indesign *does not copy charecteristics*)
    Text in mail randomly turns into fractions, and often switches between random fonts, even though mail preferances never change from arial

    When I called Mac they said they dont know, but they have heard the exact same thing 3 or 4 times particularly with Suitcase.0
    Right now I have turned all fonts in font book off except the ones Im using at the time.... and pretty much same goes with suitcase.....

    Has anyone overcome this problem or have any hints??? This problem has cost me almost $1000's

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    Suitcase X should have included a nifty little app called font doctor on the install CD

    Let this little app check out all your fonts for conflicts and organise the good fonts in to a tidy font library.

    Then I would not use Suitcase again - its OK but a little troublesome.

    Download Font-Explorer from Linotype, a great font manager, its free and more stable and capable than suitcase. Let FontExplorer handle your large collection of fonts, since Fontbook is not up to the job of handling a large font collection.

    I know I said Suitcase wasn't as good, but they do get one thing right. Download the extensis guide to fonts in OSX, follow the guide about what fonts to leave in the system and let Font Explorer handle the rest

    The guide is at SC/EN/P/Fonts_Best_Practices_in_OSX.pdf

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