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    iChat wont work from tiger to leopard
    I have an AOL iChat name on my Tiger based MacBook. My friend runs leopard, and his name is supported by Gmail. We cannot ad, or chat each other at all. Whats wrong? Is there anyway to make it work? Thanks

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    Doesn't your friend need to go by an AIM nick as well to use iChat? Unless the chat protocol was changed in Leopard...

    I know that Stretch runs Leopard and I still use Tiger but it doesn't prevent us from chatting with iChat at all.

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    iChat works perfectly fine between Tiger and Leopard. You both need to be using the same protocol. Same reason why people can't use a Yahoo SN and talk to people on MSN.
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    Ok, well I think you guys are right. He is using Jabber. Anyone help me with getting that?

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