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    Sync Leopard Mail, To-Dos, Calendar and Contacts with Exchange
    I've got Leopard Mail talking to my Exchange server nicely, and it's working grand, synching well in both directions. I am, however, experiencing problems getting it to sync to-dos, calendar and contacts. I appreciate that the Calendar may be a no-go without a third party app, but Address Book has an option to sync with Exchange, and Mail has a folder Reminders > To-Do > Exchange for my exchange account, but which doesn't show any of my To-Dos created on Exchange, nor does it add any of my mac generated ones to Exchange.

    Can anyone help with this? I've been beating my head against the wall for ages trying to find a solution.


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    hi, i am using entourage for calendaring and emails and its linked into my exchange server but it uses my webmail details to get the information.
    i am not overly happy with this solution so wondered how easy it was to synch to leopard mail and exchange?

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