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Thread: iPhoto folder location

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    iPhoto folder location
    In my Finder window, the iPhoto Library appears under the Picture tab but it appears empty. No items appear under the folder icon or in the folder if I double click on it. The only way I can display it's contents is to right click on the icon and go down to "Show Package Contents". iPhoto runs no problem and all the photos appear in the application. This is the case on my new iMac running iLife '08 but I don't have this problem on my Macbook running iLife '06 (on it the folder contents appear when I double click on the iPhoto Library in the Finder). I'm running the latest Tiger on both both machines. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks...

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    Apple changed to the "package" to keep users from going into the finder and corrupting their photos. Stay out of the finder! Do anything and everything to/with your photos from within the iPhoto app. You are not meant to go into the library from the finder. Doing so will result in the loss/corruption of your photos.

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