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    Safari: Text Displays
    Hey guys,

    I recently had to erase and install OS X Tiger all over again, and I have Safari working pretty well, it's just that all the texts don't look the way they did. Kinda nit-picky, I know.

    In Safari Preferences under the Appearances tab, I have absolutely no idea what the "Standard Font" and "Fixed Width" font do/mean for texts on the Internet that Safari is viewing. I figure this is where the root of the problem lies.

    Essentially, I just happened to notice on another forum I post on that the fonts are just...wrong. It seems bolded now where it wasn't before, it may even be using a completely different font, and the sizes are all wick-wacked. Some are too big and others too small at the same time.

    Anyone know any quick solution to this?

    Thank you,


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    I suspect you now have it the way it's supposed to be, since you've reinstalled Tiger. Over the years, you have probably deactivated fonts and had some clashes, so you got used to Safari using the wrong font maybe?

    Try downloading Linotype Font Explorer and making sure all fonts are deactivated apart from system fonts.

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