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    Safari - Problems with letters overlapping
    I have noticed mostly just today that on some sites, letters in words will be overlapping. Sometimes the entire word has all the letters stacked on top of each other. Is this something I can fix, or are these sites just written for IE or something and this is just how Safari is?

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    could be a font cache problem

    Try erasing the font caches first

    A program called Onyx can do this for you

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    Thanks, I go to the same site now and it doesn't do it. But I will remember this if it does it again.

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    The problem could have been at their end. Maybe they updated the webpages and messed up the HTML code somehow, found out about it and eventually fixed it.

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    It was happening on several different sites though. I just am new to Mac, so thought maybe I was doing something wrong and needed to just change something. But I haven't noticed it lately, so hopefully it won't happen again.

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