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    iPhoto - pictures do not load
    Hi everyone...

    new on the Mac Forum and trying to find my way around here...

    Anyway..I have a question regarding iPhoto:

    I have only one library on my hard drive and was in the process of adding new photos. Whilst doing that iPhoto crashed. When I reopened the application only a few photos were loaded in iPhoto.
    I checked the harddrive and all photos were still located in the original folder on the hard drive.
    After that I closed iPhoto and opened it again whilst holding the option key...this gave me the possibility of choosing the library...I chose my library but still only 14 of approximately 4000 photos loaded but all my folders and albums are still in in iPhoto.

    Does anyone has an idea how I can get this problem solved without rebuilding the whole library...I have doen this before and it took me ages...

    Thank you very much in advance for your help


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    Unfortunately the best way to solve your problem would be the same that you already mentioned - rebuilding the whole library. I had almost the same problem wint iMovie. I only rebuilded my library and everything was fine.

    You can check your library file size if you are storing all your photos in library file. If it is a lot smaller then your photos then you can't restore them without rebuilding. Simply your photos are not there.

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    First of all thank you very much for your reply.

    I checked my Library file size and all my pictures are within the Library folder. I downloaded iPhoto Library Manager and I used the rebuild function without any success...despite the fact that my Photos are in the folder...

    any more suggestions??

    Once again...Thank you Edska

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