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Thread: slow upload speeds with iDisk using Transmit software

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    slow upload speeds with iDisk using Transmit software

    from doing a bit of research i understand that upload speeds to iDisk should be quicker with an FTP application such as Transmit than with finder. however i am only getting upload speeds of around 20KB/s when my internet connection is capable of 200KB/s upload speeds (1.5 Mbps) (which i can get using other applications for other purposes). so is the restriction something to do with iDisk itself and is there any way of improving the upload speed?



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    Having the same problem.

    On a cable modem.

    Is there anyway to somehow create a tunnel that hides your activity from an ISP from whether you are uploading or downloading. We are getting digital cable fast..why can't we get both directions fast? Why should it be the ISPs concern if we are uploading or downloading. They aren't concerned when we upload our preferences through their digital cable box to their servers? I that coax has the capability to upload and download and EXTREME amount of data at one time.

    There has to be a where a cable modem does only the BARE functions of modulate and demodulate without concern of who is sending or receiving.

    If someone could build such a modem! I think the older models worked that way. The ISPs had less to "control" of your modem. It also should not "matter" which modem you should be universal. It used to be that way..and it's because they wanted chips in them to control your flow.

    The old cannot update them with firmware or anything..but they do and still work very well.

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