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    Pages in iworks
    Much of my problem with learning to use pages stems from my long term use of word and the ease of which I did things in word. There are several things I did in word that are not working in Pages and some very easy things I cannot figure out how to do.

    Copy and paste: I used to be able to copy and paste lessons from an online classroom into work with no problem - tables included. Doing the same operation in word looses all the formatting on the tables. It superspaces each and every word that used to be in a table and turns a 6 page document into 35 pages of garbage.

    Page numbering: Just plain have not been able to figure out how to add page numbers to a multi page document in Pages.

    Spelling: How do I add words into the spell check? I used to right click the mouse in word and choose add from a pop up menu.

    I did finally manage to figure out how to add macrons to Latin homework and do a document in columns.

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    Are you using Pages 06 or 08? I'm using 08.
    Not sure about the copy-paste thing, I don't think I've ever had any issues with it.

    Page Numbering: If you want the page number at the top, click on the header, if you want it at the bottom, click on the footer. Then go Insert > Page Number. It'll add a number to every page.

    Spelling: Right/Ctrl+click > Learn Spelling

    I never used Pages 06 - I opened it up a few times but it was just horrible IMO. But I have 08 a try and it's had a huge improvement. My guess is that you're still using 06... that's the only explanation I can come up with if none of the above are there.
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    What about autocorrect? Im terrible at spelling, and Word over the years learnt how I spell and would correct things. This doesnt exist, does it?

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    Pages has autocorrect, though the library of autocorrect words is not very large. You will have to add the words as you go on.

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    How'd I do that? Do I have to manually enter them in one by one? or is thewre a button to press to make it learn as you type, like with Office?

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