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    iTunes deleting multiple items
    Hi...I hope I'm missing something obvious. I'd like to delete all the podcasts that have a play count or one or more.

    I thought the easiest way would be create a smart playlist and delete from there but iTunes won't allow you to delete from smartlists. So I tried creating a playlist and dragging all podcasts from the smart playlist into the playlist and deleting them from there. Nope won't work which confuses the heck outta me but whatever. So I tried sorting the podcast directory by listen count and guess what, I can't sort by play count! Aargh.

    Any suggestions? I don't want to change my settings to keep all unplayed podcasts, I've had trouble with getting duplicate podcasts with that before, plus sometimes we need to listen more than once before deleting.

    Surely there's an easy way to delete multiple items

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    When you delete from playlists all you do is remove the item from the playlist. You have to go to the library section of iTunes to delete. To delete multiple items you need to press the CMD key while clicking on the dups. Hope that's what you're lookin' for.

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