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    iPhoto Alternative?
    Looking for some help here. I am really confused at how things are organized when it comes to iPhoto and the like. I am used to using Acdsee for my photos.

    What I normally do - is creat a file on the HD name for what it contains. Like, pictures of my animals I make a folder called Animals and then several sub folders called dogs, cats, birds etc etc. If I delete a file, it's gone for good. If I move a file it's moved.

    Now, in iPhoto - I make all these albums and move/delete these files in the albums only to find out they still exist under the photos section. I can understand why, but it's more confusing than anything. I also don't think it's making my organization any better. It's making it worse for me. It also lacks any way to resize a photo. Unless I am totaly missing it?

    Are there any other apps out there? I don't think Acdsee makes a Mac version anymore. I am trying Adobe Lightroom - but I think I am having the same problem there as well.


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    The best thing I ever did when iPhoto got me down was to read a little bit from the help files ... eventually I felt like I'd sort of tamed iPhoto a bit so now I accept iPhoto for all it's flaws and it works for me!

    Some will point you in the direction of whatever their favourites are and no doubt there are some great alternatives too ...

    If you decide to give iPhoto another shot, this is my best coping advice:

    1. Go to Prefs (Command ,) and create Keywords that suit your needs.
    2. Edit the Info (right-click ~> Show Info) ... I can't stress how impo this is.
    3. Assign Keywords.
    4. Create Albums to group your Info-updated/Keyword-updated photos

    You can actually drag a folder or group of photos from your Desktop straight onto the left column (Source) in iPhoto and it will automatically be added as an Album.

    5. When you feel your Albums are multiplying too much, create a Folder from the File Menu and drag all those Albums to it. This frees up valuable space in the Source column.
    6. Check iPhoto's Trash periodically and empty it.
    7. If you delete any photos it's possible to create a little chaos so bear in mind the following:

    a) If you delete a photo/photos from any Folder or Album, they are not deleted from the main iPhoto Library which is the humungous window showing all of your collection.
    b) If you delete a photo/photos from the main iPhoto Library they are not deleted from the iPhoto Library Folder in YourUserAccount/Pictures/iPhoto Library.

    So if you really want that pic gone you will first need to right click in in the iPhoto Library window and select "Show File" from the menu. Then when you see exactly where the original lives, first delete that then return to the iPhoto Library and delete the photo there ... it's really only an *alias* anyway, that's why you need to delete the original.

    (Don't confuse my use of the word *original* with what iPhoto calls *oringinal*, as whenever you edit/alter any photo, iPhoto keeps the original tucked away and safe should you ever regret your changes and want the original photo back ... )

    Getting back to business, reg: deleting photos from the iPhoto Library Window ... if when you right-click on a photo and select "Show File", all you see is the open Finder window showing the contents of "Roll Number xxx" but no individual picture is highlighted, then just click on "Show File" on the photo in the iPhoto Library once more and the correct photo should now be highlighted in the Finder window ... dunno why this happens but it does.

    8. Take the time to develop the habit of updating the Info/Keywords of any photo or group of photos you import into iPhoto as this is the key to keeping on top of everything.
    9. If your library becomes unmanageable you can create another library by holding the Option key as you launch iPhoto and select 'Create New Library'.

    If you create more than one library you will be prompted to point iPhoto in the direction of the Library you want to open each and every time you click on the iPhoto icon in your Dock.

    10. Keep on reading a little at a time from iPhoto's Help files to learn what's really going on with iPhoto.

    To wrap up here are some useful keyboard combo tips:

    Highlight any photo then press:

    Control + 1
    Control + 2
    Control + 0

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    Thanks for all the info, however that all seems like way too much work. Why on earth would it not delete a file after I say to delete it? Let alone, me having to delete it literally 3 times. TOO MUCH WORK! Granted iPhoto looks and runs good - it has major drawbacks.

    I don't like having my files "hidden" from me and I certainly do not like to do multiple things to achieve 1 outcome when I can do 1 thing and be done to start with.

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    You should be able to truly delete a photo from the library (not the album, as stated above) by simply dragging it to iPhoto's trash can. As stated above, the photos in your albums are aliases, and deleting them will only delete from the album, so you do need to go to the library to delete. I never use the CMD way, just drag them to the trash (the iPhoto trash, not the OSX trash).

    Also, naming your "rolls" with appropriate titles should help your organization a bit as well. I name mine to indicate what is on the roll, and sometimes even drag photos from one roll to another (my cats photos, for instance). Then I do as stated above, use albums and folders to organize. Create a folder for "Pets", then albums (or smart albums) for "summer 2007" or "Jake" or whatever. Really easy to organize this way.

    Give iPhoto a longer try, it is really easy to use and does a great job!

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    Vert rep to you both... Great advice .(I have to spread it )

    Absolut. If you set up your keywords as described you can also just select the pictures you want ,example: portraits and, then when selected just drag then onto the keyword and, they will be assigned that word. Drag then onto another they get that keyword too.

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