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    HELP!! Bought a new Wacom Tablet but no usable software for notes!!
    hello everyone. i bought a new Wacom Bamboo. I wanted to use this when i am in lecture because i am taking organic chem and the professor draws a ton. i hate writing on paper so i usually dont write anything down and when i study i just use a dry erase board so no clutter. anyway i thought if i bought this tablet that i could find software similar to the Microsoft Journal that is found on windows for mac and i am very disappointed to find out there isnt one (that i found). so please tell me i didnt waste my money and that you have some great recommendations PLEASE!! i mean this would be an amazing way to take notes in class and what not, but its pretty much useless to me since there is no software. i dont do photography or anything, its primarily for taking notes and drawing molecules and stuff. something like microsoft journal would be amazing!! anyways please help!!!! thanks!!

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, iman088.

    I have no idea what Micro$oft Journal is but if you installed your Wacom drivers (check to see with the Wacom website if you have the latest version installed), you should see in the System Preferences an item called Ink which is built-in Mac OS X 10.4.x Tiger. Once you have configured it, I think it will allow you to use it as you describe. (See attached screenshot below.)

    I could be wrong of course, I haven"t had time to try it out myself. I have the Wacom Intuos 2 tablet.
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    I have the same tablet. I can't get the Ink program to stop translating what I write... Have you found a way to just write, and have it save your writing as handwriting, until later?

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