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    Unable to install FInal Cut Studio 2
    I had the previous version of FInal Cut Studio and just purchased Final Cut Studio 2. I chose to uninstall Final Cut Studio first by dragging all the studio programs to the Trash figuring I didn't want to chance having two versions of Final Cut Studio on my computer.
    I then went in to install Final Cut Studio 2. It allowed me to install the items such as Motion Content, LiveType, Audio Content, Studio Pro, etc. The option for selecting Final Cut Pro was greyed out and said skip. I don't know why but it's like it already thought it was on there and would just upgrade it. I tried it several times but always had this same set of options.
    I went on then and did an install of Final Cut Studio hoping that when it came to installing it would actually work right. Well it installed all the supporting programs but not Final Cut Pro. How can I properly install the whole suite?

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    First check in the Receipts folder and pull anything related to a Final Cut package. (Path is this: Macintosh HD -> Library -> Receipts) Drag the packages to the trash, restart. Then try the installation of Final Cut Studio 2 again. See if it now works.

    If it doesn't...

    I don't have Final Cut so I can't check precisely what needs to be done but I would try to do a Spotlight search for Final Cut and see what comes up.

    I would then move what spotlight finds to the trash but would not delete anything (in case some files are plugins that belong to other apps - this could be a long process and you'll have to sort them out by trial and error, I am think here of iDVD, for example, or apps that deal with Final Cut in one form or another).

    Doublecheck to make sure everything has been pulled. Then I would look in the Receipts folder again. Restart and make sure nothing remains on your Mac that has anything to do with Final Cut. Then I would try the install again.

    Let us know how these go. Good luck!

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    Thanks. I'll give that a try and let you know what happens.

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    Cool! Hope it works!

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    I looked at the receipts folder but there was nothing related to Final Cut Studio there. I'm going to try using Spotlight to see what I can come up with.

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    Would there be anything for Final Cut in the Packages folder then? The path remains the same but instead of looking in the Receipts folder, open the Packages folder.

    Mine is empty, that's why I didn't suggest it right off the bat. Final Cut being an Apple Pro app like Aperture for example, maybe there is a Final Cut package that goes there. Since I don't have any Pro apps, I can't verify this.

    But looking with Spotlight is good too. It ought to turn up anything it finds.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    iMac, 24inch, 4GB, 3.06GHz. 500G hard drive
    I am recently a new Mac user after years on a PC, how silly i was to stay there so long!! So now with my new Mac i am after Final Cut Studio 2 and Final Draft. As i have just shelled out thousands for my new set up, i am open to ideas on how to get these 2 programs. I would love to say that i would like to just walk into a shop and purchase both straight out, but realistically i am not Donald Trump and don't have his cash either. So if anyone has ideas or can help out a new Mac user, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    sos mark! i can not install the final cut studio or the final cut pro
    did you resolve your installation problem? i am having the same problem and i dont know what else to do.... help me!!!

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