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    Is AIM Video Chat secure enough for business?
    I've been using AIM Video Chat via iChat lately for various projects. I've been pretty happy with the performance over high-speed broadband connections, but I'm concerned about security. Video chat has the potential to save me quite a bit of driving (sometimes 5 or 6 hours a week for long commutes), but I'm curious as to how secure video chat really is. I know that text chat isn't secure in the least; you can sniff IMs extremely easily. Is video chat the same way? I'm not overly concerned as most stuff doesn't need security, but for some things like project prototypes I'd rather not have it readily available to hack into via video chats.

    Also, is there a way to do video chats on LAN computers without an Internet connection? I'm thinking not, since you probably have to be connected to a central Internet server, but it'd be nice to have for local stuff between departments. Some machines are not connected for security reasons and are on a separate network.
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    I know iChat has a "encrypted chat" feature that you can enable via the preferences. I think encrypted video chat is only available for .Mac members though:

    You can also chat without being connected to the internet if you use iChat's "Bonjour chat" instead. That will automatically find all Bonjour chat users on your local network and will let you chat with them.

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