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    Steam Crossover Major Game Issue (HELP!)
    Alright, so I succesfully installed Crossover for Mac. Then I sucessfully installed Steam on Crossover. But, whenever I open one of my games in my account, the screen goes black. I can still hear the Counter Strike menu clicking when I move my mouse, so it's probably a graphics issue. Here are some screenshots:


    Loading CS


    When I try and quit Crossover

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    I don't know that crossover is that powerful a program to run CS on a mac.
    Try it on bootcamp.

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    Is it supported officially on Crossover. For unsupported products it acts weirdly since the OS functions used by it might not be emulated by crossover. So check that out....

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    Even if Steam is supported on Crossover, the actual games might not be. Personally I don't think Crossover is made with games in mind, and afaik it doesn't support DirectX. - forum for fun people

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    Counter Strike 1.6 IS on their supported games list, and many of my friends who use Macintosh have been able to get it to work. I would rather not purchase Windows XP for Boot Camp, seeing as it costs $100+.

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    You may get lucky enough that someone here is using Crossover to run this particular game, but you'll more than likely get much better support in their forums.
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