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    Question about Entourage POP folders
    I am new to the mac world as well as Entourage. I installed and setup Entourage as well as configured 3 email accounts (2 POP and 1 IMAP). The IMAP folder auto-added itself on the left-hand folder pane, yet the 2 POP accounts did not. I cannot, for the live of me, figure out how to add the two POP accounts to the side folder pane.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    I also run 4 pop accounts and 1 imap account. As far as I am aware it is not possible to have multiple inboxes for each pop account (please someone correct me, I would love to do this!). At present I have set up rules for each account so that the incoming messages are automatically put into a separate folder. This was the only fix I could work out!

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    I have an IMAP and a POP (Google). I never noticed since I only have one POP, but the IMAP shows up separate with it's name, but the POP doesn't which looks like multiple POP accounts would just mesh together. check out Microsoft's website under "Mactopia" to see if you can find the answer. I couldn't find anything in Entourage help.
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