I've been putting together a number of PDF files from jpegs. This is a bulk job and the jpegs have multiple numbering formats. The ones that are not a problem are numbered such as 001, 002..., 010, 011, etc. The ones that are a problem are numbered such as 1, 2..., 10, 11, etc. If I drop the jpegs on the icons with the latter numbering system it puts the files that start with a one before any files that follow. So if there are 11 numerically named jpeg files it will start with 1 but then the next one will be 10 then 11 and then 2.

I can take an extra step if I select the menu option: Create PDF From Multiple Files, which allows me to arrange the files as I'd prefer but that's a few extra steps and really slows me down. I remember back in the day the OS Finder would look at the files this same way but now it is able to arrange files in numeric order without added zeros in front of the single digit numbers.

Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust the settings either in Acrobat or in the OS so that Acrobat can recognize the files in proper order and I don't have to make constact adjustments and corrections? It seems like there should be a way but I haven't been able to figure it out with my normal playing around.