I have bought 2 shows from the itunes store and I am getting the following error message:

"there was a problem downloading "tvshow". The disk you are attempting to use is full.

Removing files and emptying the trash will free up additional space"

So, I have checked my mbp hd space and I have over 25gb free. I have emptied the the trash. No luck as I still keep getting that message on both purchased downloads.

Now - my itunes files go to an external hd attached to the apple extreme wifi thingy! I have checked the space on that - over 80gb left on that too. I have checked preferences and the itunes library is directing to the external HD as required.

I have bought stuff before and not had any problems (under the setup of external hd). I can play anything from my library too so I am not thinking that the path to the external hd is wrong.

Any suggestions?