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    MMORPGs that work on mac
    hey, could u guys tell me all the mmorpg games u know that work on the mac os x?

    i dont want to run all my games on bootcamp, because i think it will be annoying, so i want a few mmorpg games to run on the mac os x.

    i dont play Wow so don't say Wow lol..

    I think Rappelz works on the mac os x.

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    I used the recent purchase of my iMac as a catalyst to stop playing City of Heroes and spend more time doing things that really matter like playing XBOX 360. ;-)

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    they aren't all mmorpg's but they are all supposed to be mmo's at least

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    Minions of Mirth is a fairly decent one, I haven't had much time to play it yet, but it's been fun so far and seems pretty easy to get into.

    Dofus is another one.

    Both free

    Hmm...Neverwinter nights perhaps? You have to buy the game, but it's free to play I think? I've only played it offline though.

    Rappelz wont work without windows, so it's a bootcamp/dual boot/etc. job(and if you're going to do that, there are better games out there for windows).

    And of course, there's always Runescape...

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