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Thread: old software, new mac?

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    old software, new mac?
    I have just purchased a brand new iMac7,1 running OS X version 10.4.10, and am wondering if I can transfer my old 4th Dimension 6.7 program over from my old computer. Will it even work on the new machine? If so, will transfering it over via firewire do the trick? I can't find the original installation disk or anything like that.


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    Who-what-dimension? It looks like a OS 9 software in which case, no, you can't run Classic within the new Intel iMacs...

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    Sep 21, 2007
    4th Dimension is a database program. I had emailed the company yesterday asking the same question, and I just now heard back from them -- they verified your answer that I can't use my old version (6.7) on my new mac. From what you said, am I to understand that I won't be able to move over ANY of my old software?

    Thanks so much!

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