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    iWork '08 or Office?
    I have been using Office 2004 on my Macbook, and I hate it. Besides running slow (I know this is a problem with Intel Macs), it always seems like Word or Excel doesn't format things the way I want to, and it takes longer to actually format them, then to actually write up documents. I have used iWork '08 trials, and I like it more than Office. My only concern is compatability with Office documents, since that is the most common software used.
    Does anybody use iWork and Automator to convert the files? Is this hard to do, and do you have any problems with it working properly? Or should I just get Office 2008 when it comes out, since it will run faster and I won't have to worry about compatability issues? Thanks for your help.

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    What's wrong with the file > export to Word feature of Pages?

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