Does anyone know how i can copy files from a shared library on itunes. I have several computers around the house and all the media stored on one computer. I want to be able to have the other five computers in the house access the music and movies through the sharing feature built into itunes so that i only have to add music and media in one place. The sharing function works fine for now since i only need to share between five macs which is what itunes limits it to. The problem is however if someone wants to copy music to their ipod which happens pretty much every other day then they have to copy it from the computer which is acting as the media server. i want them to be able to simply copy the shared files from itunes and then put it into the local library on their computer. I tired blue coconut but it doesnt seem to work and mytunes doesnt work with 10.4 or itunes 7. Alternatively if anyone knows a way whereby i can just have all the xml files for the different libraries on the different computers update itself when i add music to the server then i could just map everyones drive on the network to the media servers drive.