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    Questions about World of Warcraft on my Macbook Pro.
    Got the beefier 15.4".

    I'm looking for someone with experience playing WoW on a new macbook pro.

    My questions are:

    1. Can I still use custom interfaces? There are many in the game I simply couldn't stand playing without.

    2. If I ran it through Bootcamp in order to play with mods (and Vent), would it be lower performance than just running it off OSX? I don't want to make my system sluggish whatsoever, even if I don't have windows fired up.

    3. Is there anyway to run Ventrilo on XP and then play WoW on OSX simultaneously?

    4. Okay one random one here... Is it possible to dual monitor with your notebook serving as one of the screens?

    I know these sound like very noob questions but that's why I think were all here sometimes! Thank you very much for any input you may have.

    Any other thoughts you think I should know about playing the game on my new Mac would be great as well! Thanks again.

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    Whats great about Blizzard games are that they are compatible with both Mac and PC.
    I used to play WoW on my MBP (the not so beefier one with the 128mb gpu).
    Max settings with 2x AA, worked flawlessly. Was getting 30+ FPS average.
    As for custom interfaces, I was able to use xperl, cosmos without problems. But those were the only two I used.
    If you have parallels you can prolly run vent in xp while WoW on OSX, but I'm not sure if that will slow down the system or not. I never used XP on a Mac.
    And Yes, you can definitely dual monitor with your notebook.
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    as for running it on xp with your macbook. running in parallels you probably will see a performance difference. but if you run in it boot camp, it will be running xp natively and would be just like a normal xp computer with those specs. but if you go that route, don't forget your virus protection a mac running xp becomes just a vunerable as any other xp machine.

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    been playing wow for a long time, ive switched several pcs and laptps just to get a decent wow experience, got a sony, able to play wow at the lowest settings, sold it, got an asus w7j with nvidia 7400 or 7600 iguess, very good but had problems when i go to outlands, frame rate drops to 20+ from 60+ sold it again and got a MCB, very good experience, but when playing long hours, over heat problem then choppy frames even at 50 to 60 fps, so cant really say mcb 15 is suitable for wow, desktop is always the best experience to play wow if ever, got a decent spec pc and played wow, got 60 fps all way tru, good luck and enjoy ur MBP 15

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