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    Adobe CS3 apps not showing for simple finder user accounts
    Does anyone know a relatively quick fix for new installed apps not showing up in simple finder user accounts? I installed CS3 Web and all existing accounts don't show the new apps in the Applications folder (I run a classroom lab of 16 G4's, 1.5 Ghz RAM OS 10.4.10)

    I can access the apps by changing the accounts to the expanded "some limits" account type, but I want to keep them "simple" if possible.

    When I create a new account after having installed CS3, the new apps show up.

    I tried fixing disk permissions and manually selecting the "allow" option in the accounts "finder and system" parent control, where I manually locate the program. None of this helped.


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    Hmm. I can only imagine that once you have set the restrictions with that type of account, all subsequent changes at the admin level are blocked out.

    Maybe someone else has a better idea of what is going on.

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