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    Question frontrow enhancements/alternatives?

    i love the way i can control frontrow using the remote, but i'm missing some features. are there any kind of enhancements for it, or is there another program that works with the remote just like frontrow?

    i'm mainly thinking of the music section, what would be cool is coverflow using the remote, or at least a view similar to the "movie trailers" section but with my itunes albums. is that possible? it shouldn't be that hard anyways

    and another question: can i set the default music that plays when i view a pictures album on frontrow? i would like to select my own music via "music" and then start a slideshow using that same music without interruption..

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    schweb This has to be one of the best threads ever in MF history...
    Cherokee This gets my vote for most innovative thread on Mac-Forums... ever.

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    Leopard will probably add Coverflow.
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    Well you can fullscreen coverflow using iTunes, and then use the remote to browse through your albums

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    mediacenter looks nice, but i didn't see the option to see all my album covers next to each other. and $ 30 is too much for me now, as it's just a toy hehe

    yeah i could also use itunes in fullscreen coverflow mode, but then i have to hit "next" like 20 times to get from one album to the next

    but thanks so far!

    any ideas on my photo slideshow question?

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    You can change the music through iPhoto for a slideshow, but you can't change the default music that is used each time you create a new slideshow. When you create a new one, you will have to go in and assign a song, or playlist to that slideshow.


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