I installed iWeb '08 and then ran the latest iWeb '08 software update before opening the program. I am using a 24 in. Core2Duo iMac running Mac OS X 10.4.10.

I next double-clicked on the Domain icon in my user/Library/Application Support/iWeb folder and waited while the program converted my existing website that had been created with iWeb '06 and published to my .Mac account.

Everything looked fine in iWeb. I added a graphic to a page and pressed the Publish button. After a long delay while the entire site was uploaded, I visited my site and discovered that dozens of graphic elements were no longer visible. Empty boxes appear and then disappear where each of the missing items is supposed to appear. If the item is a hyperlink, the link still works, phantom-like, if I click on the spot where the item should be.

Also, there are no longer any drop shadows. Reflections, rotations and transparencies still function, however.

The problems described persist regardless of browser or platform used. I checked using Firefox, Safari and I.E. on the Mac and I.E. under Windows.

I ran some tests, creating page items by importing graphics from the Media Browser, dragging from the Finder, copying and pasting, and creating new shapes from the shape menu at the bottom of the iWeb window. The image items appear normally in iWeb, but, aside from the shapes, do not show up at all after publishing to the site.

Shape primitives do appear online. Transparency, reflection, rotation all work normally on the shapes, but drop shadows do not. The shadows appear in the iWeb window, but disappear when the page is published.

Please visit what's left of my site at: http://www.peterweisz.com and see the damage for yourself. Also you can look at some screen shots here that compare how some page portions look in iWeb 08 compared to how it looks after publishing:


Fortunately, I have a back-up copy of my old iWeb 06 Domain file. Short of de-installing iWeb 08 and reinstalling iWeb 06, what can I do to remedy this problem?

Evidently iWeb '08 is broken bigtime. This is the buggiest piece of software that Iíve seen Apple release in decades. I guess weíre all paying the iPhone tax and thatís a real shame.

Peter Weisz