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    Are all versions of newer Adobe products universal?
    My boss was looking to buy Adobe After Effects 7 the other week, and he said that the store only had versions that would work with Intel processors and not Power PCs in stock. We have G5s at work. This seems perhaps a bit odd to me, obviously. Are there any versions of After Effects 7 that are Power PC or Intel only? How about CS3?

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    Well I think After Effects is a universal app which means it should run just perfectly on a PowerPC processor. If in doubt, I suggest you download a trial just to see...

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    You should be able to look up the system reqs on Adobe's website; I believe that some of the new video software is Intel only, but I can't remember if it was Adobe or parts of Final Cut Studio 2.

    The CS3 design package will support even some G4s, but video is obviously more demanding.
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    Shockingly, Photoshop Elements for Mac is STILL not universal. Wow.
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