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    AntiVirus Software?
    I'm installing a new iMac at my office, and would appreciate recommendations for antivirus/antispam products that should be considered. I'll be using Safari (for web surfing) and Entourage (and the rest of the Mac Office suite) in OSX, then three business (accounting/contact management/ERP) applications in Win XP Pro, on a VMWare Fusion partition. I know I need to get antivirus software for the Win XP partition, and am considering Norton AntiVirus. Is that a good choice? What should I get for the OSX side? antivirus? antiphishing? antispam? I'd like a product that is elegant, powerful and unobtrusive, and I don't mind paying for it, if necessary.


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    Norton might possibly be the worst choice. I use Nod32 on my windows machines, and out of norton and mcaffee (sp?), nod32 was the best. and it wont slow down your system at all. As far as spyware i always used Spybot, and adaware which are both free and probably the best you can go with.

    You only need spyware and anti virus protection for your windows partition, not the OS X. there is no known viruses or spyware for OS X..

    hope you enjoy your new computer!!!!!

    any more questions... just ask away!

    just google any of these programs and you should be able to find their websites pretty easy.

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    Don't use any anti-virus software on OS X. I don't think anybody even makes any nowadays. Norton was about for a bit for OS X, but it caused plenty of problems.

    Remember that viruses and spyware are merely ordinary Windows programs that get on to your system without your permission. OS X won't run Windows programs and there are no OS X viruses in the wild.

    On your Windows system you will need AVG though (it's free):

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    Best AV for the Mac: ClamX, and it's free.

    Note that it doesn't contain any code for any Mac Viruses since none exist, but it will scan for Windows ones, on the Mac partition, that could be passed onto your Windows using associates.

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