Does anyone here use gDisk to share stuff with friends and/or back-up files? Well, on one of my gMail accounts, I had a bunch of labels set up through gDisk. I'd use gDisk freely, log-in whenever needed, upload and download with no problem. My labels were always there and always organized. Tonight when I tried to get on, a message popped up before the program "rolled" to it's side (to show the main menu). "No gDisk Label was found on your gMail account for gDisk use." What?! I open up Safari, and log onto the account, and my labels are sitting right there. I switch back to gDisk and re-log-in. Same thing. Why is gDisk not recognizing the labels on my gMail account which I made through gDisk?

Also, how would I download those files that I saved as attachments through gDisk on my gMail account. I open up the emails on which the files are saved, but can't double-click anywhere to download them.

Please help! Thanks,