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    GarageBand '08 - possible fix here !
    Garageband silent crash install related problem - possible fix and explanation. No guarantees this will work for you and I’m not liable if your trash you system. Take notes of what file is where on your Hard Drive and back them up first !!!


    So I’m at my buddy’s place working on his First Gen iMac 24 when after Garageband won’t load after upgrade from iLife ’06 to ILife ’08. No matter how often you remove all Garageband related files on your system and force a full install it from Ilife ’08 - it just would not work.

    Problem behavior :

    Garageband ’08 installation error (something about install completed properly) - clicked on OK and Garageband just hangs there. Only the very basic portions of the menu can be interacted with but it’s so sluggish, you must quit or else you eventually run out of memory a few minutes later.

    So this is the “visible” or 1st level error shown to the user.

    So I next checked the crash behavior in

    Console.log shows :

    2007-08-14 20:21:26.052 Pages[711] Failed to open document, but no unrecoverable error
    Error: AudioUnit cannot load VPA AmpegSVX

    This is essentially the 2nd level error when you dig deeper. Aha !

    So I dug even deeper and the 3rd level and likely reason as to why my GarageBand ’08 crashed ! Gotcha !

    Library / logs / GarageBand.crash.Log (also found in

    0x191a3000 - 0x19202fff se.propellerheads.rewire.library 1.7 /Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/ReWire/ReWire.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ReWire
    0x19221000 - 0x19239fff com.ikmultimedia.effects.ampegsvx ??? (1.1.0) /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/AmpegSVX.component/Contents/MacOS/AmpegSVX

    Noticed that I BOLDED the ??? (question marks) because that’s how it showed on my system. It’s just as if the log said to me “Hey ! Here’s something odd !”

    And them, I remembered....

    Months before installing iLife ’08, my buddy installed demo versions of IK Multimedia’s : AmpegSVX’s Bass software - demo version and did the same for Propellerheads’s audio sequencing software called Reason - also a demo version. He toyed with them for a few days and got bored so he removed the respective .app files and trashed them.

    But I had a gut feeling the non-.App related “leftover” files tied to IK Multimedia’s AmpegSVX and/or Propellerheads software Reason and Rewire demos were running interference (getting in the way of Garageband ’08) and so I:

    (Solution - again, be careful here.)

    Via Spotlight search, I removed all files named “Rewire” and “Reason” and “Propellerhead” and “Propellerheads” and “Ampeg”

    Opened Garageband ’08 fine !

    Hope it helped

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, LuvBandit!

    I haven't bought/installed iLife 08 yet but I'm sure this will come in very handy and will be very helpful to those encountering problems! Awesome first post!

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