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    iphoto: original and modified

    i understand that whenever i modify a photo in iphoto, it creates a copy of it in the "modified" folder, additional to the original. so if i modify all my photos, i end up using double the hard drive space. is there a way to tell iphoto to save the modified photo as the "new original"? if i am pleased with the result of the modifications and i don't want to have the "orignal original" anymore?


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    Yes, but messing around in the finder is really dangerous. Best to stay out of there unless you REALLY know what you are doing. I suggest an app like iPhoto Diet to delete duplicates and unneeded originals. There are several settings offered in the app, just take your time to read and understand exactly what you are telling the app to do. It does have an option to delete originals that have modified versions.

    Good luck!

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    Good tip Mary... There is a good tutorial on iPhoto diets site


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