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    Question Audio Hijack question
    I have audio hijack pro and I was wondering if anyone knows how or if its possible to have hijack set up to start recording sound from safari as soon as its playing. I have it stop recordng after 2 seconds of silence but I can't find a way to have it start recording when it detects sound. Anyone know?

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    I couldn't edit my post for some reason so i'm sorry for double posting. anyways, I have a new question regarding audio hijack so I figured i should just add it here rather than making a new post. Anyways, my question is what is the Hijack option for? When I click Hijack it starts a timer but I dont see where a file is created if there even is one. I have to click record for it to start recording the sound but it also starts the Hijack button. so im just confused as to what it does because it keeps going on while I have stopped recording.

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