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    Firefox + quicktime problems
    I was going to watch the new iLife 08 guided tour from Apple's website. I have the latest quicktime version.

    Firefox 1.5: The quicktime video will crash firefox. If it doesn't, it flickers and sometimes the video is completely garbled.
    IE7: Same thing, dll crash.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling quicktime, no difference.

    Mac OS:
    Firefox 2.0: The quicktime video will flicker like crazy, and the system becomes sluggish (as if firefox/quicktime hogging CPU cycles).
    Safari 2.0: surprise surprise, no video problem. The quicktime video runs just fine.

    Gee, wonder what's going on. Does Apple do something specific on those videos so they only play nice with safari?

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    on the post before this aswell they r saying after an update firefox gets slugish..
    Perhaps apple is forcing every1 onto safari...
    I no there pushing it for the safari 3 release with leopard...

    something smells fishy...

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    Jun 23, 2007
    I updated my windows system with the latest video drivers. DirectX is updated too. Firefox still crashes, saying the quicktime plug-in is doing an illegal operation. The only workaround in windows is to set quicktime to safe mode (GDI). I haven't found any workaround for the flickering videos and sluggishness in the Mac firefox yet, other than to use Safari.

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