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    Question Transfer IE Bookmarks to G4 iBook??
    I need to transfer all of my old bookmarks from Internet Explorer 5.1.7 on my PowerMac 7300/500, to Internet Explorer 5.2 on my G4 iBook. I already tried dragging the bookmarks from my PM 7300 directly into the IE Preferences on the iBook.

    When I open up IE on the iBook, the old bookmarks are not there? How can I get the bookmarks to transfer and appear just as they do on my PowerMac 7300? I need the bookmarks just as they should be, both in the Favorites Toolbar, and in the Bookmarks Menu.


    -- vjamacaddict

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    Macintosh HD > Users > You > Library > Preferences > Explorer > Favourites.html
    Copy that html file from your Powermac to the same location on your G4 and that should do it.

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    IE has an export-import procedure that will transfer all your bookmarks intact but it will require an additional step to get things to duplicate the exact order of the older list.
    In IE 5.1.7 export the bookmarks (open the window to organize bookmarks, then in the Edit menu choose export); transfer the file created to the new computer; open IE 5.2 and choose import. Because of the way IE does this you will have one parent folder that will have all the bookmarks within it. Simply drag and drop the folders and bookmarks out of that folder and arrange them in the original order. When the parent folder is empty you can delete it.

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    Thumbs up IE Bookmarks transferred!
    Thanks for the suggestions. Finally have all my old IE Bookmarks transferred from the PowerMac 7300/500 to the G4 iBook.

    -- vjamacaddict

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