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    Front Row and Cover Flow
    Alright, I just bought a macbook pro today and I have a few questions.

    Re: Front Row, is there a way to only shuffle one album?

    Re: Cover Flow, There are a couple albums that have multiples of the same picture in the coverflow screen, all of the songs have identical information

    Any help would be appreciated

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    just got my mbp yesterday

    about the coverflow issue: i figured out that this happens when you have one album that contains many artists, and it thinks all these artists have different albums with the same name... select all the songs in that album, right-click and get info, and set "part of a compilation" to "yes". voilą

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    There is also an Artist field (for the artist of that song, with might be a collaboration) and an Album Artist field. Make sure that for all the tracks in an album, the Album Artist field is the same (if you mark the album as a Compilation, it will automatically be filled with "Various Artists").
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