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    .dmg not recognized
    Help! I installed a bunch of programs a few days ago, including stuff-it and i recently downloaded programs off the internet (skype & thunderbird). It downloaded the .dmg files to my desktop, but when i click on them to install the program, i get a warning message saying that it is not recognized. I've tried to "Open With" Stuff It Expander, but nothing...please help.

    Thank you.

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    You shouldn't need StuffIt to open dmg files, OS X handles them on its own.

    Have you tried downloading the files again? Also, what browser are you using?

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    I've tried to download them again and it's more than just one program, it's all .dmg files. I'm using safari. I didn't have this problem before, only since i installed programs over the weekend (Adobe suite & Office suite).

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    ok, so third times a charm. I re-downloaded Skype & Thunderbird and finally got it to open. But now i have another program that a friend e-mailed me that i cannot get to be recognized, and i've tried this one more that 3 times... any suggestions..
    basically it's a zipped file that i un-zip and it becomes a regualar file, once i open the file, the .dmg is in the file and when i click on it, it is not recognized.

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