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    CrossOver + CS:S
    Hi, i'm going to be a new switcher over to Mac and I really love playing Counter-Strike Source on my PC. I was wondering if anyone could please tell me what kind of FPS they are getting on their Macs using CrossOver and running CS:S? If you could also please leave what kind of Mac you have so I can see what kinds of specs perform better. If i'm able to run CS:S natively instead of using BootCamp I would be more than happy!


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    I'd use BootCamp, I'd be amazed if anything like Crossover would even run it.
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    Crossover is great for quickly running a program to open a wacky attachemtn a client gave you. But to play a game that is so hardware dependant, it would be best to boot into the native OS for the game.
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    Yes, but i've seen a lot of videos of people running CS:S and CS native in OSX with CrossOver. But, they never said what kind of performance they were getting out of it. CS is easily run by CrossOver with the best performance but CS:S is another story.

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