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    Cant find or make Front Row work?
    Firstly, hi to everyone on the forum.. it's a forum with a wealth of information and is really helpful to a new Mac user like myself.

    Has really helped alot so thanks to everyone out there.

    Anyhow, after "dipping my toes in the water" by using my bro's PowerPC Mac Mini for a few months, ive reached the conclusion that i indeed prefer Mac over Windows and went out and got me a new Black MacBook..

    There are just a couple of things that puzzle me and i hope someone could enlighten me on them..

    1. Front Row.

    Ive read that front row should be a part of the Mac OS X and the Macbook came with the remote control packaged together. The thing is im unable to find Front Row in the Applications folder.

    So i went to Spotlight and i looked up front row.

    I managed to find FrontRow.pkg

    So i double clicked and got the installer coming up and i thought that would work.

    So i went along the motions of getting it installed. Agreeing to the terms and conditions and then it starts installing.

    Right about 20% thru it says install has failed and it stops installing.

    It happens time after time and it also happens with my wife's white macbook that we bought at the same time.

    Im hoping someone has an idea/clue or has been thru the same problem before?

    Thanks again in advance for any responses..
    Best Regards,

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    You access Front Row with the remote. There is no Front Row application in the Applications folder.

    There is a way from the keyboard though, Command-ESC will also launch Front Row.

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