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    Question Mac Mail attachments to Windows user problems
    I have Mac Mail and am sending email with attachments to someone. I have chosen "Windows-friendly attachments". This has happened with both Excel files (.xls) and Adobe PDFs (.pdf).

    The recipient was previously using Prodigy email accessed via Yahoo. They got a new email account with Bellsouth, which they check via Bellsouth's Webmail.

    When I send an email with an attachment to their Bellsouth account, they recieve the email and it is given as having a size corresponding with the attachment. However, the email does not show the paperclip icon for having an attachment nor is there anywhere in the email that lists the attachment or any way to access it. Nor is there any mysterious garbled text, etc as if the file was messed up. It's there but unaccessible.

    The recipient can recieve and access attachments just fine from others who are not using Macs. My emails to their old Prodigy/Yahoo email account still show up fine and can be accessed with no problem there. But they would like to discontinue use of that old account so we would like to solve this problem.

    Any suggestions on what more I can do to get my attachments to show up right since just checking "Windows-friendly attachments" doesn't seem to be solving it?


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    Prodigy?! Wow. Here's what to do: in the Finder, click once on the file you want to send. Go up to the File menu, choose Create archive. Send the archive, it is zipped, no need to click Windows Friendly.

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    Tried attaching a zip file but the problem persists.

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