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    problems installing software
    ok heres the thing, i'm new to macs in general, but am learning quickly.
    i'm rockin a powerbook g3 wallstreet, currently triple booting os9, os x, and yellowdog linux 3.0, and yes i set it all up myself.

    my problems relate to os x. i need software to play my vid files and my audio.

    first the vids.
    i've looked, i downloaded perian, it wont install. on my last install of os x, disk copy started to crash, and before that it had a hard time mount any dmg files.

    at this time i should mention its os x 10.1. i dont have any updates, and from what i understand, 10.2 doesnt like wallstreets cause of the lack of usb.

    i'm used to windows where .exe files will automatically run programs (installed or installers, very nice), and this dmg thing is pissing me off with not running.

    second, the audio.
    dont tell me itunes, i tried it, dont like it. i already have all my music arranged a certain way, and it will stay that way when i migrate it to the book. i'm looking for something that will work in a similar way to winamp, in fact i found a version of winamp made to work on os9. but i'm not really using os9, other that the fact that my linux bootloader loads out of the classic os boot.

    so, can anyone help me with these os x dilemmas?

    i am gonna be using the 'book primarily on the road, in the garage, etc, since its obviously much more convenient than luggin my desktop pc everywhere (uh DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHH lol). i want to get this all working soon, since i tend to travel frequently these days.

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    forgot to add, i have tried vlc as well, same problem with dmg files.

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    If I remember correctly, 10.1 was PLAGUED with problems. You might like to get some updates (10.1.5 was the last release).

    As for a music player, you could use QuickTime or VLC (never used Winamp so I'm not sure how it performs), but to be honest there's not a great many jukeboxes for OS X (atleast, I've not come across any) because iTunes does the job so well.

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    where can i get the updaters at? could anybody on here maybe email them to me or something?

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