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    VLC stutters when playing Divx or DVDs over network
    VLC video player stutters when playing DIVX (avi) or DVDs over my network. My Windows laptop has not issues playing these files over my network. Any ideas what may be causing this? If I copy the files to my mac, they run fine. Anyone recommend a better player than VLC ?

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    I don't think you'll find a better or smoother player than VLC. I'm sure these are things you've already checked but:

    Is there any other network traffic?
    Are the Mac and PC connected at the same speed (ie 100mbps ethernet Vs. gigabit ethernet. 802.11G Vs. pre-n etc)?
    Is there any other software running (I have trouble on my G4 watching video while iTunes, eyeTV or other big apps are running)?

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    I think I answered this on another forum already, but...

    I have the same issues when just connection to the other computer as a networked drive. VLC has server type streaming functionality, you will have to google to find out how to set it up.

    I just installed Perian codec pack, and then share the drive with the movies on it, and connect to it from the computer I want to watch on. I then create an Alias, and put that in Movies under my Home directory and use FrotnRow.



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