I recently installed Adobe CS3 on my system. It spread all the various apps all over my Applications folder. I made a new folder, Adobe CS3, and moved all of the apps into that. Ever since I did whenever I open a app such as Photoshop it says
"Application has been moved from location in which it was nistalled. Some settings need to be repaired"
I can cancel and most of the time it seems to still load okay but most of the time I choose to repair it. It asks then for my password and does a repair and opens the application and it works fine.
What puzzles me is the next time I open an application it does the same thing. It works so it's not a big deal but I know I can fix it by moving the applications back to the original install locations but it's just sloppy that way and I just hate dealing with the prompt to repair every time. Is there a way around this?