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    How to transfer old AppleWorks files?
    I recently moved up to a new 17" iMac with OS X Tiger; now how can I transfer the old text files from my old G3 iMac onto the new guy? I did them in Appleworks 5 on my old G3.
    I transferred all my writings via zip drive, but the shiny new machine doesn't want to know them. An error message says that "the Application is not supported on this system." Also, the old AppleWorks 5 app won't install.
    The thing is, I wrote on the old word processing app for 10 years, never upgraded, never needed to. I'm wondering then if the problem, for me at least, is that I never bought any of the various upgrade iterations of Apple OS and AppleWorks; so now this fancy new Intel iMac can't read applications that are this old.
    So what to do? (Besides continuing to use the old G3, that is :-)

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    Mods: please move to Applications forum.

    Apple's Pages (part of the iWork suite) can import AppleWorks files. So can Microsoft Word on the Mac. Some formatting may be lost in the conversion process with Word.

    I'm not sure, though, whether either of those programs supports AW5 files. There are free one-month trials of both apps, though, so you should be able to test them before you plunk down your money.

    As a last resort, AppleWorks 6, the last version, is still available for $80. It will run in Rosetta on a Macintel, but should open AW5 files just fine.

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