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    Question How to make iPhoto open a different album when it starts?
    Hi all

    I have all sorts of pictures in my iPhoto library, and I whenever I start iPhoto, it promptly displays the bottom of library, which is nice because I can always keep track of my latest pictures.

    I am designing a website with a couple of friends these days. When they come over, I frequently use iPhoto for some light image editing. Whenever I fire up iPhoto, it opens the library. I don't want it to do that, because I don't want my friends to see all the pics in the library.

    How can I force iPhoto to show a different folder (other than the library) when it opens up?

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    Hold down the "option" when you launch iPhoto. It will ask you to either make a new library or ask to locate an existing one.

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    Use iPhotoBuddy. It lets you keep multiple libraries so you can have one for your personal stuff, and one for other stuff. Alternatively, I like to use the 'show film rolls' view and keep all the rolls as just titles. You have to 'unroll' it to see the pictures inside, so at startup there's nothing showing but roll titles.

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