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    Safari only crashes on this website
    I figured it was something wrong with my computer, so i did a clean install of the operating system. doing updates, i chose not to install 10.4.10, thinking it may have been he problem... a still crashed... then yesterday... the Settings folder (the one that looks like a light switch) crashed while i was changing the screen saver , it said it quit unexpectdidly... so i figued maybe installing x11 is causing these problems. well, i did another clean install and did not install x11, just came to this website, and safari crashed again.

    i am wondering what would have happened to cause the the settings folder to crash. i am not having any other problems on any other web sites, and this website works great with Camino browser. i am just a bit concerned why the settings folder crashed. so far it has not crashed with this install of the OS>

    if anyone has any ideas, please post as i am stumped!

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    Reinstalling the OS isn't the answer (and rarely ever is). It won't hurt anything, but it won't help either. Save yourself the trouble and don't bother doing that again.

    What version of Safari are you using?

    If it is only happening on one site, then it isn't likely to be a software issue, but more of an issue with some part of that specific site that is causing the browser to hang/crash.

    Still, take a look at the Basic OS X Troubleshooting sticky and follow the steps and suggestions there.
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    OK, thanks. I guess i still trouble shoot this macbook like its a PC (mistake, i know!). like i said, i have started using camino, and this website works flawless. as long as nothing else is crashing, i think it will be alright. time will tell.

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