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    Safari 2 and 3 Crash-a-thon Solved
    Hi all, like many folks, since updating to 10.4.10, I have had nothing but trouble with Safari, having it crash all over the place all the time. It got so bad I finally gave up on it and moved to Firefox. This AM, I downloaded and installed the new Safari 3 Beta, and darned if it wouldn't launch at all! Crashed every time on launch.

    An "ah hah!" moment. Remembering that I had installed the SafariPlus! extension that allows for more intelligent cookie management (and a few other goodies) than out-of-the-box Safari provides, I looked up how to uninstall it and did so. I relaunched Safari 3. Instant gratification - ran like a champ.

    So, I went to the SafariPlus web site ( and checked it out. Sure enough, there is an incompatibility with 10.4.10 and they have released a new version to cover this. In addition, there is a new version to cover Safari 3, but it lists itself as pre release at this point.

    SO, if you are have installed SafariPlus and are using 10.4.10 and/or Safari 3 Beta, update or delete SafariPlus and you will have a much more stable web experience!

    Enjoy Safari - I am SO glad to have it back again.
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    I had problems with SafariPlus too, but not the crashing kind. I just couldn't view anything with flash, even though it was supposed to be disabling flash.
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