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    Firefox/ .dmg Problems
    I just bought a mac from being first time PC user. I dont understand hte purppose of .dmg files, do they have to remain after you install something because in firefox it always pops up a window with firefox and then an arrow to a folder that i have to click. It seems to be like a drive? Can someone explain all this to me.

    Also how do I transfer my bookmarks from my other computer if there are no folders on my mac firefox because it is like a drive ?

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    This graphic shows how to install applications from disk images.

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    oh okay i get it now! i just kept dragging it within the window, lol. Is this how most .dmg files load?

    Thanks a million!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChairmanMao View Post
    Is this how most .dmg files load?
    Some icons of the Applications folder next to the application, as in the bottom picture in that graphic, are aliases/shortcuts of the Applications folder on your drive. So the dragging is reduced by entire inches! Kinda silly, and both behaviours are inconsistent — it's confusing enough as it is. Firefox hasn't done this, though.

    Sometimes there's no way of knowing whether the icon is an alias or not until you drag the app over it. It's just as fast to drag the thing into the Applications folder in the first place.

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