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    How do I order events in iCal for printing.
    I have four all day events (they're all day because I do not want to display the times when I print the calendar) that repeat every day in iCal and want to print out the calendar. I want the events to show up in the same order every day for the entire month when I print it.

    So, event 1 will always be on top followed by event 2 and so on; and displayed that war for every day of the month.

    However, it seems almost impossible to get iCal to do this. Changing the order of events earlier in the month seems to cause the order to be changed to something else later in the month. Finally, I got it how I thought I wanted and went to print preview and the order of the the events was again completely random for each day.

    Anybody had this problem and know how to fix it.
    Or does anyone know how to print the calendar without displaying the times.


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    I know it's been a year since your post, but...
    I was hoping you found a way to order your events for printing. I am having a real hard time rearranging my events in the order they should appear. I don't want to assign times as it does not format the way I need it to read on paper. Any solutions you may have found would be very helpful.


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